Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH™

Event Policies


The Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH Event Management Team (WLBDET) always strives to ensure that events happen as advertised. However, with reference to the Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH Health and Safety plan, the WLBDET reserves the right to alter/cancel any event should circumstances require.

Every effort will be made for those registered to participate in a Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH event as advertised. In exceptional circumstances (for Health & Safety reasons) the event structure may be forced to change to an alternative format.

Alteration/Cancellation of a Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH event will be determined by WLBDET on the morning of the event (or in extreme circumstances prior to the event date).

Should the WLBDET deem it necessary to modify the course/event or cancel any of the Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH events, the following action will be taken:

Any change to an event will be communicated to all present via the Course Director over the Public Address System.

Regular communication of any changes will be provided via the Public Address system.

Any cancellation details will be sent out to the Team Leader who listed their details on the registration form.

In the circumstances of a full cancellation, details will be sent out to the nominated person as soon as possible.

In the circumstances of a full cancellation prior to the event date the Team Leader will receive notification via email to the address supplied during registrations.

In the event of a complete cancellation of a Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH event, a FULL refund will apply (please see Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH Refund Policy).


Cancellation/alteration of event

Refunds will be issued upon a FULL cancellation of a Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH event.

Upon the FULL cancellation of an event, Sanitarium will refund all registered participants to the credit card from which the registration fee was deducted. Refunds will take place within 2 weeks of the cancelled event date.

If the credit card is no longer available, a refund will be made by cheque or direct deposit to the registered participants nominated bank account, please contact to make this arrangement.

Cancellation by Team Leaders of a registered team

Cancellation will incur a $10 cancellation fee and can be requested by an email to info@littlebigdash according to the following conditions that are part of the Terms & Conditions agreed when registering:

Participants acknowledge and agree that if they wish to cancel their already completed registration for the Little BIG DASH 2017 event after the relevant stated registration closing date, for any reason whatsoever, then the Participant will not receive any refund. Participants understand that there will be a cancellation fee payable if the Participant cancels their registration before the relevant stated registration closing date.

Therefore cancellation must be requested prior to the relevant registration closing date. Registration closing dates* are:
A. If ticket purchase and registration was made online – registration closing date is one week before the event day (when Kangaroo pricing cuts off).
B. If standard online ticket purchase and registration method was not used – registration closing date is event day (when Wombat pricing cuts off).
*Either A or B above apply if event sells out.


Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH takes no responsibility for any property lost at our Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH events.

If you have lost an item of property, we recommend that you check in at the Information/Meeting Point Tent during the event to see if it has turned up.

At the conclusion of each event all lost property is collected, sorted and listed on a spread sheet by our Event Management Team. Any items that can be identified by name, participant number or telephone number are initially separated and the participant is contacted to collect the item.

All remaining items are packed, labelled, sealed and placed in storage in our Event Containers.

The spread sheet of any remaining items is emailed to our team in Sydney on

Post event please email  as soon as possible with a description of the item you may have lost and they will let you know if this item was collected by the WLBDET.

Items that are not claimed within a three month period after the event shall be disposed of in a timely manner.


Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH events are subject to variations in weather and the event course on event day. These conditions, as well as the speed with which participants complete the course, impact the length of our event.

In all instances where timing information is provided, this is approximate. Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH takes no responsibility for any losses incurred due to events running overtime.


The Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH is about participation and Fair Play. By entering the Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH event, you agree to abide by the principles of Fair Play; respect for the rules, courtesy, just and equitable treatment for all participants, spectators and event volunteers alike.

We also encourage all spectators present on the day to encourage and cheer for all participants present, and to equally abide by the principles of Fair Play. Thank you for your support.

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